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VR Videos – Effect of Presence

Nowadays innovations are in trend. IT hubs and startups are popping up everywhere. Gadgets, soft and Internet became an integral part of a daily routine. Virtual reality has been increasingly penetrating into all spheres of our life. Health, fashion, retail, porn industries do not stay away from this trend. But can VR/AR technologies bring consumers closer to a better quality of life?


3D-Porn: Pros And Cons

Do you like to watch porn movies? No need to blush! You may be open and share your impression. There is nothing to feel shameful. Most of us enjoy erotica from time to time and even enjoy watching pornography, especially if you like a participant in the show. No detail of an intimate act is hidden from your eyes! And this is not surprising. The main thing is to know when to stop. After all, porn has both benefits and drawbacks. Pay attention to this article to learn new information about this issue.


Porn in Virtual Reality and Addiction

Do you know such a funny term as “Twittyfucking”? It means sex messaging through Twitter. Recently, the company Durex conducted a study and found that 82% of people are attached during sex to their phones. Because they keep them near the bed. 1 out of 10 people respond to messages during sex. This is one example of digital addiction.